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Welcome to the California Commission on Uniform State Laws Web site

The California Commission on Uniform State Laws (CCUSL) was created in 1897 to represent California on the national Uniform Law Commission (ULC). The California commissioners ensure that the unique problems facing California are addressed and that the state’s perspective is heard on the issues considered by the ULC.

Nationally, the ULC is composed of more than 350 practicing attorneys, judges, law professors, legislators and other state officials – all lawyers – appointed by every state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The ULC members draft and promote enactment of uniform laws designed to solve problems common to all the states. This simplifies life for people who live, work, or travel in multiple states and improves local economies by facilitating interstate commerce.

Numerous uniform, model, or other acts promulgated by the ULC have been enacted in California by the Legislature through the auspices of the California Commission on Uniform State Laws.

CCUSL has the duty to meet in California at least once every two years. (Gov’t Code § 10278) The practice of CCUSL is to meet twice annually.  A commissioner has the duty to attend the summer annual meeting of the Uniform Law Commission. (Gov’t Code § 10279)


November 15, 2023
Commissioner Marty Carr selected as Chair and Commissioner Nanci Nishimura as Vice Chair of the California Commission on Uniform State Laws

July 19, 2021 


Dan Robbins, Commissioner from California, Elected President of Uniform Law Commission

Diane Boyer-Vine, Commissioner from California, Elected Vice President



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